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Essay / Materials for Argument against Comfort Women Issue

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Korean distortions of history

Please assert three aspects of the facts if you want to argue someone about the comfort women issue.

1. There is NO "historical fact" that Japanese government forced women in occupied territories to be prostitutes for Japanese Army.

2. Comfort women were recruited in a nenki boko job system*.

3. Japan as a government has NEVER stepped in any type of human trafficking. 


*A nenki boko job system;

The term nenki boko can mean “indentured labor” and this habit was practiced often before World War II in Japan. Nenki boko meant that people worked for their employers on a contract basis.

They, the workers would work for a fixed number of years, then be free to work on their own.

Like "Indentured Servitude" in the 18th century in the British colonies. The employer made a contract with the worker or, his or her parents instead of the sea captain; he did so because he needed labor and the worker or, his or her parents did so they needed  conveniences and/or money. 

 In the case of comfort women, the parents of their daughters entered into an agreement with prostitution brokers (they were called zegen in Japanese at the time) who advanced a chunk of money to the parents, and their daughters had to work as prostitutes until they earned the advanced money paid to their parents. Afterwards, they were set free.


Stress these point:

1. Don't target only the comfort women for the Japanese military people based on the fabricated stories on them!

2. In Japanese history, we have never had slaves unlike the US, which treated Africans brutally as if they had been merchandise being deprived of human dignity through human trafficking.

3. Zegen (prostitution brokers ) didn’t abduct Korean women, and never sold them as merchandise to brothels.

4. The applicants for comfort women must have applied on their own will by statute.

5. Japan STRICTLY PROHIBITED any kind of human trafficking and mistreatment of people. If there were zegen who mistreated comfort women, whether they were Koreans or Japanese, was punished as a criminal by the Japanese authorities. When some Korean or Japanese military men mistreated comfort women, they were also punished by the Military authorities.

 You may add the following phrase if you please:

6. “In a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.” — Albert Camus



There are many materials for argument against Comfort Women Issue as follows.


Comfort Women / Speech delivered by Prof. Hata at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo


NISHIOKA Tsutomu, Professor, Tokyo Christian University and Deputy Chairman, National Council for the Rescue of Japanese Abducted by North Korea


Hata Ikuhiko  Professor Emeritus, Nihon University


The Truth Behind The Comfort Women - Michael Yon Conference

The IWG (Interagency Working Group) and Global Alliance

Who is behind the Comfort Women Propaganda Deception?


Nazi War Crimes & Japanese Imperial Government Records
Interagency Working Group
Final Report to the United States Congress (issued April 2007)

(A $30 million US Government Study specifically searched for evidence on Comfort Women allegations. After nearly seven years with many dozens of staff pouring through US archives -- and 30 million dollars down the drain -- we found a grand total of nothing. Nobody should be writing about Comfort Women issues without reading this report cover to cover. If you do not have time for the whole report, do a search inside the report for Comfort Women, and carefully read those parts:)


Documents from United States National Archives and Records Administration

*Please read from the 4th page from the last. (page 291 to 219)

Psychological Warfare Team
Attached to U.S. Army Forces 
India-Burma Theater APO 689


Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No.49


Paid Advertisement concerning “Comfort Women” Run in the Washington Post
“Facts Are Our Only Weapon”
SUGIYAMA Koichi, composer


”Yes, we remember the facts”(PDF)


The Real Identity of Military Comfort Women  Saw
Onoda Hiroo, a former Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer


The Truth of the “Comfort Women” Intelligence Warfare:
Information laundering by anti-Japanese fascists,Nishimura Kohyu, Journalist/Critic
Full text:


Moteki Hiromichi,  CEO Sekai Shuppan


The Truth about the Question of “Comfort Women”
Ogata Yoshiaki

Mr.Komori of Japanese newspaper being interviewed on the comfort women issue for the PBS series




What is the“Comfort Women Issue?”


What is “Comfort Women”?


Questions by Congressman Nakayama at the Diet on March 8, 2013





Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. 引用・転載はご自由に。ただし、引用元・転載元だけ明記ください。 Feel free to copy and reprint but please just specify an origin of quotation.